Updates & News

We're back!: 2023-02-25

After a a period of downtime, this site is back online! It now runs on Eleventy, and you can access it either through hyoutei.org or hyoutei.net. I'm planning to make the site responsive soon as well.

Ohtori/Hiyoshi fic!: 2007-03-17

Wow, it's been awhile. I feel really bad for the lack of updates here... at any rate, there is a new Ohtori/Hiyoshi fic in the fanfic section. Enjoy!

New OshiGaku fic: 2006-09-23

New, and extremely cute, Oshitari/Gakuto fic by Dimmie (with a special appearance by Kenya!).

New fic: April 08, 2006
Added ShishiAto fic, by Mizu. ^_^

AtoShishi fic: 2006-02-04

Added an AtoShishi fic, Last Word, by Athena.

Backend updates, new fic and other random stuff: 2006-01-25

I've been rewritting the sites's backend, which I know isn't something visitors actually see, but there it is. I also added an AtoTari fic by Athena (be warned though... it features Oshitari Yuuko >D). I've also been updating the seiyuu profiles here and there.

Shousha wa Atobe!: 2006-01-20

See that blinking button on the sidebar? It's a link to Atobe Keigo Ouen Dan, which is basically... a site for cheerleading Keigo. LOL. Basically, go grab a button and link to them to show that you think Atobe should rightfully pwn Ryoma's ass in the match currently going on in the manga. ^^

Brandnew Days: 2006-01-03

The translation of Ohtori and Shishido's Best of Rival Players single is up, thanks to Athena.

Lyrics: 2005-12-25

Added several lyrics translations, by Athena.

Recoded site: 2005-12-24

I... reencoded the entire site. Because I'm a masochist like that. So there may be glitches in IE, and also apparently switching to UTF-8 messed up all the quotes in the fics. I'll fix that tomorrow. Bed now.

Yuushi fic: 2005-07-25

Added a new Yuushi fic, Complicated Simplicity, by Mizu.

Fanfic: 2005-04-02

Added three new fics by Mizu. Enjoy!

Revamp + other stuff: 2004-11-01

I've been working on a revamp of the design for awhile now, and here it is. ^_^ Aside from what I think is a nicer layout (designed primarily through CSS), the site now basically runs on PHP, and I realize most ofyou don't really care about the design and backend of it, so! I've started making desktop icons! Currently, Yuushi and Keigo are available over in the candy section. Also, the Ep Guide has been updated. ...Sort of.

Fanfic: 2004-07-24

I'm going to be adding (lots of) fanfic to the site (most of it by my friend Mizu). First batch is a beautiful Oshitari story by Tongari, and four fics by Mizu (various pairings). I also put up an RP log-type thing me and Mizu did. >D

20.5 and pre-regulars: 2003-12-28

Am in the process of adding more info from 20.5. Currently, I actually put up information on the four pre-regulars that played in the district tournaments.

Hiyoshi and Taki stats: 2003-12-12

Added stats from 20.5 to Hiyoshi and Taki's (until now non-existent) profiles.

Gakuto's profile and seiyuu info: 2003-09-12

As a birthday present to Gakuto, I got off my ass and wrote up his profile and his seiyuu's. Go me. The profiles on Ohtori, Shishido and Sakaki's seiyuu are also done. Finally, I tweaked the About section a tiny bit.

Now then, in other news, it is now less than a month until Keigo's debut album, Hametsu E No Rondo, is to be released (October 4th, Keigo's birthday). There are three more Keigo singles planned for the following three months, starting with a release on November 11 against Tezuka's third single. Also, Suwabe Junichi (Keigo's seiyuu) will be hosting TeniPuri On The Radio during the rest of this month, along with Okiayu. Last week's guests were Kiuchi Hidenobu (Oshitari) and the elusive (since I can't find any info on him) Kusuda Toshiyuki (Shishido); if any Hyoutei fans are interested in hunting down the mp3, it was the 23rd show.

Among other interesting news for seiyuu freaks, the voices of Hyoutei have been busy of late. Suwabe Junichi and Ueda Yuuji will both have roles in the Gonzo's Peacemaker Kurogane, which will start airing October 3rd. Ueda will be Tatsu, the protagonist's older brother, and Suwabe will be Yoshida Toshimaro (one of the Big Bad of the show). Hoshi Souchirou will be returning to his role as Goku in Saiyuki Reload, which will start airing October 7. Also in Saiyuki Reload, Kosugi Juurouta will be taking over as the voice of Dokugakuji. Finally, for those that may not know, Namikawa Daisuke is currently voicing the protagonist of Onegai Twins, /and/ he is also playing Toutaku, the psychotic bishounen Big Bad of Ikkitousen. I must say, I was VERY pleased and more than a bit surprised at how well Ohtori's sweet voice lends itself to a psychotic villain. XD

SanaAto fic: 2003-01-13

Uploaded a short little Sanada x Keigo fic thingy.