About the webmistress

Mura is a 20-something fangirl who moonlights as a graphic designer to support herself, her two cats (one of whom, a gray kitten, is named Ohtori), and her various obsessions (a lot of which have to do with bishounen in some way or another). Her interest in PoT was sparked when she heard that Suwabe Junichi (her favorite seiyuu, who happens to play Monou Fuuma, aka Her Favorite Bishie, in X) had a role as a fairly high-profile antagonist. For this reason, she saw episode 22 (Keigo's first appearance) looong before she actually started to watch the series itself. Once she did start, she was quite rapidly addicted to Prince of Tennis.

Once she reached the Hyoutei arc, not only did she fall trully and completely in love with Keigo, but with the rest of Hyoutei as well. Predictably, they, not Seigaku, are her favorite team. In fact, she's still mourning the fact that Hyoutei lost to Seigaku, and hopes that Rikkai will WIPE THE FLOOR WITH SEIGAKU for teh sin of disqualifying Hyoutei from going on to the Nationals and making Ohtori cry (he cries during the final lineup in the manga).

At this point, her favorite characters are Keigo and Shishido, with Ohtori not too far behind; and ToriShishi is her favorite pairing.

Edit 2023: I am no longer 20-something, and I am now a freelance web designer/front-end developer. Sadly Ohtori the kitty and his sister are no longer with us. These days I live with one cat, Milo.