Hyoutei episode guide

Miscellaneous episodes

Ep Title & Recaplet Airdate

The Diva Appears

Kaoru's Misfortune - Keigo and Kabaji are challenged at the street tennis courts by Kamio and Momo. Keigo lounges around and lets Kabaji take all the balls.

Royal Press Conference

A New Regular Appears?! - During the first day of the Prefectural Tournament, Keigo, Kabaji and Shishido run into the reporters. Keigo behaves like a gracious Princess Di.

Humiliation Is Only Fun When It Happens To Someone Else

Syusuke Fuji, The Big Brother - An over-confident Hyoutei faces Fudomine. The non-regular doubles never stood a chance, and Tachibana makes Shishido his bitch in Singles 3. Keigo owns a purple cell phone.

15 Minutes of Fame

Decisive Moment - Hyoutei wins the consolation round. Jiroh beats Fuji Yuuta in just 15 minutes! (this is apparently the achievement of the century, since they repeat it at least once in just about every episode). And then, he falls asleep during the closing ceremony. Yay, Jiroh!

Chibis Make Things Go Boom!

- There is an all-star baseball game, and Chibi!Keigo blows up the world with exploding baseballs. Then everyone is a cowboy (especially Chibi!Yuushi), and Chibi!Keigo arrives riding his trusty steed (Chibi!Kabaji) and there is a gunfight and he blows up the world again.