Hyoutei episode guide

Hyoutei vs Seigaku arc

Ep Title & Recaplet Airdate

Where The Peasants Play

The Momo Who's Returned - Keigo takes his boys (well, some of them) on a little field trip out to the street tennis courts. There they engage in a pissing contest with Momo and Ryoma.

Drama Queen

Kaoru's Special Training - Lots are drawn for playing order at the Kantou Tournament. Shishido gets his regular spot back by publically humiliating a team mate, grovelling and hacking off his hair. Oh yeah, Ohtori is in love with him.

The Anti-Golden Pair

Hyoutei Presses Near - The Kantou Regional Tournament begins and Hyoutei is so there. They have style, they have strength, they walk around like they own the place. Oshitari and Gakuto ooze attitude and play doubles 2 against Momo and Eiji.

Who's the Bendiest Uke?

Doubles For Three - Gakuto and Eiji compete to see who's REALLY the bendiest uke.

I Choutarou

Scud Serve - Hyoutei loses doubles 2. Shishido and Ohtori play doubles 1 against Inui and Kaidoh. Ohtori has the fastest serve in the tournament and is the sort of boy you could take home to your mom. We all want one like him. But Shishido is the one that has him (as proven by the fact that Shishi calls him "Choutarou" in a fierce, loverly way). Oh yeah, that serve? It's fast AND unreturnable!

Tru Boi Luv!

The Worst Compatibility - Ohtori and Shishido know the secret to being the perfect doubles team. What is that secret? Tru Boi Luv™ mutual trust. They found this out after lots and lots of intense, late-night sex "training".

Boi Luv!, Part II

The Hidden Trouble - Ohtori and Shishido face off against Inui and Kaidoh, to prove which is the better couple doubles pair. Oh, they both /very/ pretty in this one. ^^