When Keigo Met Yuuko

By Athena

"Again??" Atobe sighed with frustration as he sagged into the couch.

"What? You said I could choose tonight. Do you have a problem?"

Yes, yes I do.

"No," he mumbled back dutifully as he cupped his chin into his palm and leaned an elbow into the armrest.

Why his girlfriend insisted upon tormenting him with an endless parade of her favorite movies was beyond him. They mostly consisted of the "romantic comedy" genre, though he found nothing comedic about them. Once you had seen two or three, you have seen them all. But Oshitari insisted that each one had its own nuances, its own unique and charming little story to cry over, afresh. And unfortunately, her DVD collection was almost as vast as Atobe's closet space.

The good news was, she preferred watching them in the original format, so he could at least pretend like he was brushing up on his English on these movie nights. Not that he needed the practice or anything.

Tonight's selection was one of her all-time favorites and to date, Atobe had been subjected to at least five viewings of this movie. Five viewings too many. But he had to admit that Oshitari was absolutely adorable when she cried at the end, which she always did.

It was a few hours later, and she was clutching his hand and sobbing as the male lead dashed through the streets of New York on New Year's Eve in search of his one true love. She held her breath as though she were watching it for the very first time.

"Oh god...this is my favorite part!"

"I know." He rolled his eyes, though there was something suspiciously tender in his expression as he did so.

"Kei-chan, what do you think?" As the credits began to roll at long last, she turned to him with inquisitive eyes, still damp from well-spent emotion. "About what he kept saying in this movie, I mean. Do you agree? Do you think that men and women can't be friends?"

"Aaaahn? Are you telling me you're not my friend?" he chuckled.

"You know what I mean." Oshitari tilted her head and stuck her bottom lip out just a little, like she always did when Atobe was being clever at all the wrong times.

He reached out and traced the contours of her pouty lips with a fingertip as he answered, "It's ridiculous, it's just a movie."

Not satisfied completely with the answer, she furrowed her eyebrows and sighed, "Would you want to be my friend, though? I mean, if we weren't... If..."

"...the sex part didn't get in the way?" he finished, as his fingers suddenly dipped lower, sliding over her chin down her neck. She tried to swat his hand away before it reached her chest, but he drew it back just in time.

"Yeah, the sex part," she said, pouting in earnest this time.

"Hah....I've never thought about it, really. Would you rather I had?"

"Well...I don't know, sometimes I just wonder. Like...for example, if I was a guy, with all the same personality and everything--"

"...and without the big tits?"

Atobe ducked just in time to avoid contact with her palm.

"I'm kidding!"

Brows furrowed even more. She continued her thought after sighing deeply.

"So if I were a guy, would you find me as interesting?"

"Interesting how?"

"Interesting enough to be a friend, I guess. Because if I were a guy, it wouldn't be about the sex." It was a stupid question, she knew, but she wanted to hear an answer anyways.

"If you were a guy?" Atobe eyed her up and down thoughtfully before he answered with a smirk--

"I'd probably wanna do his ass, too."

This time, her hand found its mark, flying across the offending cheek with a resounding smack.

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