• Three-hundred Thread Count

    SanaAto | By Mura
    Sanada and Keigo get stuck together at Junior Selection Camp. They don't really get along, and one thing leads to another...

  • When I Dream at Night

    SanaAto | By Mizu
    Atobe Keigo has a particularly tangible dream one night at Junior Senbatsu.

  • Let's Dance

    SanaAto | By MorphailEffect
    Oneshot, PWP. Sanada x Atobe. Shamelessly inspired by other people's ideas, we take gratuitous liberties with party punch and Enrique Iglesias.

  • Innocence

    ToriShishi | By Mura
    Overly angsty and Shishido POV ficlet, reflecting on the beginning of his relationship with Ohtori. This isn't really how I see their relationship now, it was just my first impression. ^^

  • Last Train

    Oshi->Ato | By Tongari
    Years after junior high, Oshitari has moved to London, but still remembers a certain boy he knew in middle school.

  • Knowing

    OshiAto | By Mizu
    Takes place in an AU universe, where Hyoutei defeats Seigaku at Kanto. At the Finals against Rikkai, Oshitari played Singles 1 against Sanada for a few reasons, but mainly because Hyoutei needed Atobe, and Atobe would have lost against Sanada.

  • Delicate Fire

    SakakiAto | By Mizu
    It's Atobe Keigo's twelfth birthday. NC-17. Shotakon.

  • Occasional Lovers

    Oshitari x Kajimoto | By Mizu
    Oshitari and Kajimoto were barely acquaintances. NC-17.

  • Time For A Spanking

    SanaAto | By Mizu & Mura
    Gratuitous RPed pr0n. Warnings: spanking & cheesy smut.

  • One Year

    ToriShishi | By Mizu
    Ohtori reflects on the events of the past year and his relationship with Shishido.

  • After The Fall

    ToriShishi | By Mizu
    Piccadilly Circus reminded Ohtori Choutarou of Tokyo, and billiards reminded him of Shishido Ryoh.

  • Point of Pride

    Shishido | By Mizu

  • Denwa De

    Yuushi x Kura | By Mizu
    Sometimes Oshitari thought Shiraishi might be his closest friend; he didn�t know how that had happened either.

  • Post Game Cooldown

    Kirihara x Hiyoshi | By Mizu
    Someone is waiting for Hiyoshi after his match with Ryoma.

  • Acknowledment

    Hiyoshi | By Mizu
    A one-sided rivalry was still a rivalry.

  • Complicated Simplicity

    Light OshiAto | By Mizu
    When he was thirteen, Oshitari Yuushi fell in love twice in one day.

  • Untitled

    Sakaki x Atobe | By Mizu
    Atobe Keigo started taking piano lessons with Sakaki Tarou at the age of ten.

  • When Keigo Met Yuuko

    AtoTari | By Athena
    Written for a drabble request. The requested theme was Yuushi as big breasted girl.