Time For A Spanking

By Mizu & Mura

Keigo shivers as he feels almost gentle hands tug his pants off. "Now, Genichirou," he says breathlessly. "What do you think you're doing?"

Sanada lets his fingers trace over Keigo's soft skin. "You've been bad, Keigo," he purrs before he letting his hand fall with a sharp crack.

Keigo half turns on the sofa, glaring at Sanada indignantly. "What the hell are you doing that for?"

Sanada lifts an eyebrow. "You don't really need to ask, Keigo," he drawls. "I think you're perfectly aware of what you've done." He pauses, his hand falling again, and watches with interest as the pale skin begins to flush pink. "While I'm sure Oshitari appreciated your behavior, I didn't."

"Oshi... what?! Just what exactly are you accusing me of doing? I can't even talk to a friend now?" Keigo protests, eyes narrowed.

Sanada smiles slightly, running his knuckles lightly over hot skin. "I don't have any objections to you talking to friends, Kei," he murmurs. "But we both know Oshitari Yuushi is never going to be just a friend." His palm smacked down on Keigo's flesh again, making the other boy gasp and squirm under him. "Lie still, Keigo."

"Lie still? Lie still?!" Keigo continues to glare while trying (somewhat fruitlessly, given that Sanada is bigger and stronger) to roll over onto his back, so Sanada won't be able to slap his ass anymore.

Sanada's hand flattens against Keigo's back, flattening the more slender boy into the cushions of the couch. "Yes," he hisses before his hand falls another time and Keigo's voice breaks on a protesting moan. "You don't want to push me too far tonight, Keigo." He smiles, a wicked curve of his lips that sends shivers down Keigo's spine. "You've never seen me snap."

"Because I was talking to Yuushi? You're -- OW! Ah! Aaaaah..." Keigo finishes his sentence by burying his face against the pillows as Sanada's hand lands one more time.

Talking to Oshitari, Sanada thinks irrationally, was only the latest thing. There was something about Keigo that brought out a possessive streak a mile wide, and he couldn't keep himself from reacting when his boyfriend flirted - and Keigo always seemed to be flirting. His hand falls again, and he smiles at the sight of Keigo's skin turning redder with each slap of his hand.

"Genichirou... stop! ...OH! My... aaa.. it HURTS, damnit!" Keigo manages to gasp between moans as he tries to squirm away from his boyfriend's grip.

"Mmm," Sanada purrs. "Of course it hurts Kei; it's supposed to...I'm supposed to be able to feel the heat rise from your skin." He skims his fingers over Keigo's bare ass. "But it feels good too."

The light brushing of fingers over sensitive skin already smarting makes Keigo shiver and his toes curl. He continues to squirm, although not necesarily to get free this time.

The spanking continues, Sanada's hand falling until Keigo's ass is bright scarlet and emanating heat. Sanada stops, and listens to Keigo's soft, gasping moan before bending his head and brushing his tongue across burning raw skin.

"Gen... oooooh!" Keigo arches up, fingers clutching desperately at the pillows as he feels Sanada's tongue feather across his asshole while Sanada spreads his cheeks apart with a firm, almost rough grip.

Sanada's fingers press and knead at the soft skin as his tongue swirls around Keigo's entrance. He can feel his boyfriend begin to shake under him as he molds the soft flesh and licks inside.

Keigo cries out, instinctively trying to jerk away from the almost overwhelming sensation; the brush and press of the couch inadvertly arousing his already hard cock further.

Sanada's hands squeeze Keigo's ass in a warning grip as he licks and sucks at Keigo's opening. One hand creeps around, slowly, wrapping around Keigo's cock and squeezing as he stabs his tongue inside.

Keigo screams, then buries his face against the pillow to muffle the sound. His hips start to jerk and thrust with Sanada's movements.

Sanada's tongue continues it's torturous movements, sliding in and out of Keigo's ass as his hand tugs and strokes at Keigo's cock. His fingers rub at the leaking slit, making his boyfriend jerk in his arms, first thrusting into his hand and then back again towards Sanada's tongue, his breaths becoming more desperate and his fingers clutching at the cushions as if they were the last solid thing he had to hold on to.

Broken whimpers break the muffled moans as Keigo tosses his head from side to side, his entire body tensing convulsively under the unyielding attack. Finally he shudders and screws his eyes shut as a harsher cry is ripped from his throat and stars explode behind his eyelids.

Sanada feels liquid heat spill into his hand and Keigo comes under him, shuddering and shaking with the force of his orgasm. He lifts his head, staring down at Keigo; at his shivering, trembling limbs. He stares as Keigo goes suddenly stiff, and then limp and boneless, and he smiles as he stands up.

His turn will come later, he thinks as he scoops his unconscious boyfriend into his arms and strides towards their bedroom. After Keigo wakes again.

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