Occasional Lovers

By Mizu

Oshitari Yuushi never questioned why it was that Kajimoto Takahisa was always free when he called. It should have been strange to him, for Kajimoto was the immensely popular and charming captain of the Jyousei Shounen high school tennis club, just as he had been for the Jyousei Shounen junior high tennis club, and it wasn't as if they were anything even approaching monogamous, or, really, if they were in anything even approaching a relationship. He and Kajimoto didn't even qualify as friends, they didn't know each other well enough for that - acquaintances at best, Oshitari decided, friendly rival tennis players who respected each other's game, and knew little beyond that.

The sex, he thought as he turned his head away from the flashing black and white images of Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable and looked at the light haired boy sitting languidly next to him, was the only thing at all unusual, and even that wasn't strange - Oshitari was the veteran of several relationships that had never been anything more than casual, and he expected that it was the same for Kajimoto.

A pair of amused blue eyes turned and met his. "Oshitari," murmured Kajimoto, light laughter coloring his tone, "don't tell me you'd rather stare at me than watch the movie." Kajimoto had been the one to suggest It Happened One Night, but it certainly wasn't because he had any love for old-fashioned American movies - he didn't dislike them, and he could tolerate them, but they were in no way the consuming passion they were for Oshitari.

Oshitari laughed, his voice low and soft. "Would that be such a strange thing?" he whispered, his breath feathering across Kajimoto's skin as he leaned close to the other boy's ear.

"It would be unprecedented," Kajimoto whispered back blandly. He turned his head, and his lips almost brushed against Oshitari's own as he spoke. "Not that I have any arguments if it were the case."

"Mmm," Oshitari purred as he pressed his lips against Kajimoto's, tangling his tongue with the other boy's in a quick, deep kiss before he leaned back. "Perhaps it is the case, Kajimoto."

Kajimoto's responding chuckle was low and husky and he rose gracefully to his feet, stepping out into the aisle of the darkened theatre. "Then there's no point in wasting our time here," he said, his voice light and casual as he turned gracefully and walked out of the cavernous room and away from the classic romance playing out on the screen.

What he and Oshitari were to each other, he thought later, as Oshitari pushed him against the cool and crisp sheets of the bed and pressed his lips to Kajimoto's own, was the complete opposite of the movies Oshitari loved so much and that they always saw when they were together. In those movies, the romance, the process of getting there, that was the whole point; with them it was just a preliminary to what they were really after - their hands and their lips on each other's skin, and the gasps and screams when it became too much for silence.

Kajimoto moaned softly, his back arching under Oshitari's hands and his lashes parting to reveal heated eyes that weren't quite blue and weren't quite violet. "Oshitari," he murmured, his voice a soft, gasping groan as he encouraged the other boy's hands lower, gasping at the contrasting feels of Oshitari's fingers scrapping across his skin and his tongue licking and tasting, leaving a wet path as he slid his mouth down Kajimoto's chest. "I want you, Oshitari."

The Hyoutei boy's answering chuckle feathered across Kajimoto's already damp and sensitive skin, and Kajimoto arched higher, and his moan suddenly became louder and harsher at the feel of the other boy's breath on him and the feel Oshitari's fingers suddenly curling around his cock. "Oshitari," he hissed, his eyes suddenly sharp and arrogant. Oshitari Yuushi did this often, he thought; even when it was just sex, Oshitari was loath to give up control... at least not all of it, and sometimes it felt like Oshitari was trying to prove his control, as if he lost it far to often with someone else. "Stop playing with me," Kajimoto finally said when Oshitari finally looked up with an expression that was more smirk than smile. "Stop playing, and just fuck me."

"So impatient, Kajimoto," Oshitari murmured as he slid his fingers away from the Jyousei boy's hard cock, slipping them lower until they circled around the other boy's tight opening. "That's strange, for you - you're never impatient for anything." And that was true enough, he mused as he dipped his fingers inside, Kajimoto never seemed to care about anything, and always seemed content to just let things happen on their course, in bed or otherwise.

Impatience, he thought, his face darkening slightly as he bent his head, thrusting two fingers deep inside Kajimoto, was really something that he expected more from Atobe Keigo than from Kajimoto Takahisa.

Kajimoto hissed out a breath, canting his hips higher and lifting a leg to wrap around Oshitari's shoulder and forcing him closer. "Now, Oshitari," he managed between clenched teeth, his usually calm and genial eyes hot and sharp and demanding, and terribly reminiscent of someone else's.

Oshitari's jaw hardened as he slipped his fingers free, his eyes narrowing on the other boy's face. Kajimoto had always reminded him, a little, of Keigo, with his light hair and light eyes and even with his arrogance and pride - but he'd always been different at the same time, he'd been casual and somehow artless, and he'd never really needed him, had never wanted him to be anything more than the occasional lover he was.

Keigo, Oshitari thought, closing his eyes tight as he drove inside, had always wanted more.

Kajimoto arched up, pushing against Oshitari which each one of the other boy's thrusts, his legs tightening around the Hyoutei player with each one of Oshitari's deep, long strokes. "Oshitari," he moaned, his hands tightening in the other boy's thick hair and his eyes falling closed. It always, he thought as he pushed up, trying to make Oshitari push against the spot he knew would make everything so much more intense, felt like this; sex with Oshitari was always more passionate, it always burned more than such a casual thing should.

Kajimoto knew why, of course, and he knew that he wasn't the reason for Oshitari Yuushi's intensity - Oshitari was almost always pretending he was with someone else when he was with Kajimoto Takahisa.

Oshitari didn't speak as he thrust harder and faster, as he pushed deeper with each stroke and drove the boy under him higher and closer to the indefinable edge Kajimoto was longing for, where the other boy would fall and fall apart and where Oshitari would be the only solid thing left for Kajimoto to hold onto - the only time Kajimoto really needed him, Oshitari thought, his lips curving into an almost bitter smile as he drove deeper, pushing against a spot that made Kajimoto shudder and shiver in his arms, made him cling to Oshitari as his voice broke on Oshitari's name.

Kajimoto arched violently, his head falling back on a silent scream as he shattered around Oshitari, tightening around the Hyoutei player as Oshitari pushed inside a final time, and then Kajimoto heard him scream, a sound that wasn't his name, and he felt Oshitari fall against him, heard his breath harsh in his ear.

Oshitari was the one who rolled away first, his breath still fast and shallow as he sat up and pushed his hair out of his face before glancing down at the other boy's still flushed face. They rarely spoke afterwards, he thought idly as he slid his glasses back on his nose and shrugged back into his shirt, his fingers nimbly refastening the small buttons. They didn't need to; they weren't about words.

This time was the same, until Oshitari was at the door, his hand poised over the doorknob.

"I had always wondered about something," he heard, and he twisted his head to stare at the boy smiling at him from the bed.

"What have you wondered?" Oshitari finally asked, his surprise-narrowed eyes focused on Kajimoto's almost cheerful face.

"Oh, I wondered who you thought about when you were with me," the Jyousei player murmured almost blithely, a genial smile still curving his lips. "But I don't anymore."

Their eyes met for a long moment, both of their expressions carefully unreadable, and then Kajimoto laughed.

"I guess I know now," Kajimoto said, and his voice was light and blandly amused.

He watched as Oshitari finally turned away and walked out, his smile never slipping from his face.

It would be surprising, he thought, if Oshitari Yuushi ever called him again.

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