By Mizu

The two boys are quiet, but it's not at all an uncomfortable silence. It's the silence of two people who don't need to fill the air with meaningless words, who don't feel insecure and nervous about the quiet, and don't worry that it means something is wrong.

Atobe Keigo and Oshitari Yuushi know each other, and they don't necessarily need to talk to be together.

"You played well today," Keigo says, breaking the companionable silence, his voice deceptively quiet as he neatly stacks his paper work before tossing it on the coffee table before him. "But not as well as you did against Sanada at the Kanto finals. The match was much closer than it needed to be."

Yuushi raises his eyebrows and smirks a little. This, he thinks, is something he has been expecting since the Singles 2 match had ended earlier that day. "I assure you, I had it under control, Kei-chan," he says. He slings an arm across Keigo's stiff shoulders, stretching his legs out in front of him. "Did I make you worry?"

Keigo glares at him, a slight scowl darkening his face. Of course he hadn't worried, of course he had known that Oshitari would win - the opponent had been obviously talented, to make it to Nationals, but Oshitari had played against more gifted players. Still, the Hyoutei captain thinks, there had been no reason to stretch the match out the way Yuushi had. "No," he says. "But you could have defeated him far more quickly than you did. Stop wasting time on the tennis court, you're going to get into trouble one of these days."

"Perhaps," Oshitari allows as he pulls Keigo closer. He had been worried, he decides, but Keigo is not the type to admit that. "But I always manage to get myself out again." He dips his head and presses a light kiss to Keigo's lips, a playful caress. "Besides," he adds as he leans back again, "you'll be there to bail me out, won't you?" he says, and his eyes gleam with amusement. "The great Atobe Keigo."

Oshitari Yuushi is infuriating, Keigo decides. This is in no way a new revelation.

"And what if I WASN'T there, Yuushi?" he says, poking Oshitari playfully on the chest. "You really should stop playing your games. One of these days you'll regret it. You'll lose."

Oshitari shakes his head, an amused smile curving his lips. Tennis isn't as important to him, he thinks, as it is to Keigo. He liked it, he was good at it, he liked to win... but he didn't feel the same drive that Keigo did, and he wasn't sure that Keigo understood that. That he understood that tennis was far from being one of Oshitari Yuushi's most important things. "Kei-chan," he says dryly, leaning back against the cushions of the Hyoutei clubroom's couch. "What does it matter? We won." He pauses, his eyes narrowing slightly. "YOU didn't play with your full power either."

Keigo's eyes narrow. That isn't the point, he thinks. "I didn't need... oh, don't look at me like that. Point taken."

He shifts on the couch, stretching his legs out and nestling closer to Oshitari. The clubroom is still and quiet, the way it usually is on lazy Saturday afternoons in the late days of summer. The rest of the team is gone, but Keigo is always the last to leave, he always takes his responsibilities as Hyoutei's captain seriously. And lately, he thinks, Oshitari's been waiting for him. It's something that's different from before Kanto. Before, Oshitari never did anything that might stand out, now it's like he doesn't care.

"Don't pout, Keigo," Oshitari drawls as he tightens his arm around the other boy. "I know before the match begins what I'll have to do. He bends his head, brushing a kiss across the crown of Keigo's head. "I wouldn't disappoint you, would I?"

Keigo wrinkles his nose. "I'm not pouting, I'm just saying that you could have put more effort out." But it's true, he admits, that Oshitari rarely loses, and that he usually has every movement of a match completely planned. It's rare that he sees Yuushi play where he isn't in control of the court. He sighs. There's no purpose in pursuing this, Oshitari is Oshitari - he's stubborn and certain of what he's doing, almost all the time,

"We play against one of the Kanto teams next," he says, leaning his head against Oshitari's shoulder. "Yamabuki. You'll be playing against Sengoku Kiyosumi, I imagine."

"Ah, yes," Oshitari says. "A national level player, isn't he? It should be interesting." But his tone indicates that it's not Yamabuki's orange-haired singles ace that interests him now, and his arm slides lower, behind Keigo, his fingers brushing against the bare skin of the captain's pale arm.

"Yuushi," Keigo says warningly, even as he presses closer to his Singles 2 player, "what do you think you're doing? Someone could walk in."

Oshitari chuckles softly, the sound warm and dark to Keigo's ears. "Please, Keigo," he says, "we both know you're the only one who would be here this late." His fingers move away Keigo's arm, and slide under the Hyoutei jersey, stroking up the sensitive skin of his back. "I'm sure there's no danger.

"And even if someone DID come in... You're not ashamed to be seen with me, are you?"

He knows the answer to that question, naturally. Atobe Keigo is never ashamed of anything.

Keigo blushes red. "Of course not," he mutters as Oshitari's hand starts to slide back down his spine. He twists in his seat, tossing one leg over Oshitari's lap, the knee resting against Yuushi's hip. He shivers as he feels Oshitari's fingers tease along the hem of his shorts. "I just don't feel like sharing this with anyone else," he mumbles, burying his face against Oshitari's throat. He presses a few nipping kisses there, moaning softly as Oshitari's hand works itself under his shorts.

"I see," Oshitari murmurs. He teases his fingers around Keigo's opening, grinning against the slighter boy's hair as he moans and arches in his arms. "Don't worry about that, then. Not even Kantoku comes back here this late on a Saturday afternoon."

Oshitari knows these things; he knows the schedules of all his teammates and his manager, because it's easier this way. When he knows everything, he can plan. And when can plan, things tend to fall exactly where one wants them. Like now, for instance.

"Yuushi... " Keigo groans as he squirms against a touch that already feels almost too intense, and yet is somehow not enough. "I want you."

"I know you do," murmurs Yuushi as he slowly pulls his fingers away from Keigo's body. "I want you too." He swiftly pushes Keigo's shorts down over his hips before lifting the other boy, leaving the white cotton in a pool of fabric on the cushion.

Keigo gasps as he feels the world shift under him and blinks open his eyes to stare down into Oshitari's face. A smile curves across his flushed face, and he reaches out, plucking Oshitari's glasses off his nose before leaning down to kiss him. The kiss is immediately hot and deep, as if they were finally getting to something they had both been thinking about all day - and maybe they were, Keigo muses as he squirms against Oshitari's hard cock. He knows that he was thinking of it.

"You're overdressed, Yuushi," he purrs.

"And you're impatient, Keigo," Oshitari says with a light laugh. "There's no need to rush, you know." Despite his words, Oshitari pushes Keigo lower on his thighs, pushing his own shorts around his hips. He pulls Keigo's head down again, capturing his lips in a carnal kiss. He hears his glasses clatter to the floor as Keigo's arms wrap around his neck.

Keigo moans into the kiss, looping one leg behind Oshitari's back, and pressing closer. "Touch me," he mutters against Yuushi's lips. His voice is a husky command as he finally pools back and stares into Yuushi's eyes. "Touch me now."

Oshitari smiles, shaking his head at Keigo. Keigo, he thinks, is always in command, even when it seems he isn't. It's something that he's always wanted to challenge - he's always wanted to see if Keigo's authority is really as insurmountable as it has seemed. "Very well, Kei-chan," he purrs as one of his hands glides down Keigo's back and over the curve of his ass. "I'll touch you."

Keigo gasps out loud as he feels one of Oshitari's long fingers penetrate his, and he leans forward, hands clutching at Oshitari's shoulders. "Nnn, Yuushi," he moans, "That feels... . ohh... " Yuushi is so good at this, he thinks with a soft sigh as he wriggles on the other boy's lap. He always knows how to touch him. He always seems to know exactly what touches will drive Keigo crazy.

Yuushi pushes another finger inside Keigo, slowly stretching the other boy and curling his fingers so they barely brush against a soft spot deep inside. He feels Keigo stiffen a little in his arms, and watches as Keigo's eyes squeeze shut, his breath shuddering past his lips. He deliberately brushes against Keigo's prostate again, giving him enough contact to send shards of bright pleasure through his body, but not enough to completely satisfy him. "Tell me what you wan, Keigo," Oshitari murmurs. "I want to hear the words."

"You know what I want," says Keigo as his eyes slip open, bright blue color showing through lowered eyelids. Yuushi always does this, he thinks. He always wants Keigo to tell him what he wants - always wants Keigo to ask.

Keigo gasps as Oshitari touches him again, still giving him far less contact than he really wants, and his eyes squeeze shut again. "I... want you inside me," he chokes out. "Please, Yuushi."

Oshitari slowly pulls his fingers out of Keigo, smiling at the soft moan of protest that passes through Keigo's lips. He clasps his hands around Keigo's hips, lifting him gently. "Ready?" he murmurs as he leans forward for another kiss.

Keigo's only reply is his arms curling around Oshitari's neck, and the needy moan that vibrates against Yuushi's lips. Then he's pressed back down and stretched, and a choked scream that's only muffled by Oshitari's mouth on his breaks free. It hurts, he manages to think. It still hurts when they do this, but it always feels so good. "Yuushi," he groans. "Oh, god... "

Oshitari's hands clasp Keigo's hips in an almost rough, almost bruising grip, and he moves Keigo on his cock, groaning at the feel of Keigo's tight heat around him. He presses in deep, pushing hard against the same spot he'd been teasing with light fingers only a few minutes before. Keigo gasps, and his back arches. "Yu-Yuushi!" he manages and his fingers dig into the skin at the nape of the other boy's neck. "It's too much," he says, his voice a broken whisper as he shudders around Oshitari. Then Oshitari presses in again, and the world flies apart.

Watching Keigo shatter, Oshitari thinks, is always a strangely mesmerizing thing. Probably because, at all other times, Keigo is completely controlled, completely unbreakable.

Oshitari pushes inside again, deeper and harder than he has before, and he comes with a hoarse shout, spilling his cum into Keigo's still shuddering body.

Keigo, he thinks as he wraps his arms around the shivering boy on his lap, only seems to let himself break like this when he's in Oshitari Yuushi's arms.

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