Various links of interest to Hyoutei fans.

Official Sites

Info sites

  • Hyouteism - Wonderful site containing translations of the Hyoutei section of 20.5.
  • FET - Home of Fruity Explosive Translations. It's got tons of information on all of the teams. There's a FET forum too, but it's mostly Seigaku fans. XP


  • Tamaran Tango - All SanaAto, all the time! This shrine is the new baby of hyouteiORG, where Kim, Mizu and myself analyse and worship the wonderful that is Sanada x Atobe.
  • Polar Switch - Shrine to Akutagawa Jiroh.

Fanart sites

  • Cheap Soup - This is my very favorite ToriShishi doujinshi circle. They manage to be both smutty and sappy, often at once.
  • Nijimasu - Mostly Sakaki x Atobe, some OshiAto. Quite smutty.
  • MARINS - Sakaki x Atobe doujinshi artist.
  • Tokoton Lovers - Prince of Tennis/Hyoutei fan games and (my favorite part) Hyoutei!Sims screencaptures. XDD
  • Trip&Trap - Really adorable fanart. Recently expanding from Hyoutei to Rikkai.
  • Grandpa of Tennis - Don't let the top pic scare you away. There's wet Hyoutei boys in various states of undress inside.