WARNING: Boy pr0n! Yay!

Three-hundred Thread Count

(SanaAto) By Mura
Sanada and Keigo get stuck together at Junior Selection Camp. They don't really get along, and one thing leads to another...

When I Dream at Night

(SanaAto) By Mizu
Atobe Keigo has a particularly tangible dream one night at Junior Senbatsu.

Let's Dance

(SanaAto) By MorphailEffect
Oneshot, PWP. Sanada x Atobe. Shamelessly inspired by other people's ideas, we take gratuitous liberties with party punch and Enrique Iglesias.

Last Train

(Oshi->Ato) By Tongari
Years after junior high, Oshitari has moved to London, but still remembers a certain boy he knew in middle school.


(OshiAto) By Mizu
Takes place in an AU universe, where Hyoutei defeats Seigaku at Kanto. At the Finals against Rikkai, Oshitari played Singles 1 against Sanada for a few reasons, but mainly because Hyoutei needed Atobe, and Atobe would have lost against Sanada.

Delicate Fire

(SakakiAto) By Mizu
It's Atobe Keigo's twelfth birthday. NC-17. Shotakon.

Occasional Lovers

(Oshitari x Kajimoto) By Mizu
Oshitari and Kajimoto were barely acquaintances. NC-17.

Time For A Spanking

(SanaAto) By Mizu & Mura
Gratuitous RPed pr0n. Warnings: spanking & cheesy smut.

One Year

(ToriShishi) By Mizu
Ohtori reflects on the events of the past year and his relationship with Shishido.

After The Fall

(ToriShishi) By Mizu
Piccadilly Circus reminded Ohtori Choutarou of Tokyo, and billiards reminded him of Shishido Ryoh.

Point of Pride

(Shishido) By Mizu

Denwa De

(Yuushi x Kura) By Mizu
Sometimes Oshitari thought Shiraishi might be his closest friend; he didn�t know how that had happened either.

Post Game Cooldown

(Kirihara x Hiyoshi) By Mizu
Someone is waiting for Hiyoshi after his match with Ryoma.


(Hiyoshi) By Mizu
A one-sided rivalry was still a rivalry.

Complicated Simplicity

(Light OshiAto) By Mizu
When he was thirteen, Oshitari Yuushi fell in love twice in one day.


(Sakaki x Atobe) By Mizu
Atobe Keigo started taking piano lessons with Sakaki Tarou at the age of ten.

When Keigo Met Yuuko

(AtoTari) By Athena
Written for a drabble request. The requested theme was Yuushi as big breasted girl.

Last Word

(AtoShishi) By Athena
Shishido and Atobe exchange heated words after a rude awakening. Takes place sometime during college years


(ShishiAto) By Mizu
Shishido and Atobe play billiards in the in the Hyoutei clubroom. Set just after Shishido's return to the regulars.


(OshiGaku) By Dimmie
Yuushi has the perfect plan.

This Is Our Year

(ToriHiyo) By Mizu
It's nothing personal; Hiyoshi just doesn't make friends with the competition, so he's not going to be friends with Ohtori. Ohtori's pretty sure he can change his mind