Shousha no Theory

Theory of the Victor

Sakaki Tarou (Kosugi Juurouta)
Translated by Athena

Only the strong shall win
That is always the sole answer

Power is everything in this "perfect doctrine" world
Show it with your body, no words necessary

Be cool, be tight
You don't have to do it if you hesitate
Only the victory, only the victory
Is the significance of existence
That's all, you're dismissed!

I don't need losers
That is always the only answer

Results are everything in this "perfect doctrine" world
Show it with your moves, take back the pace

I don't want to hear any excuses
Only for the win, only for the win
Keep your tenacity burning and go win it
That's all, you're dismissed!

Be the beat, be sharp
On the court, you're all alone
Be prideful and strident
Just don't be pathetic
Be the best, that's a must
There's no significance in "better"
Only the victory, only the victory
Is what you should strive for, no mercy
That's all, you're dismissed!

Translator's notes:
[* = I have no idea what he's saying here -__-;; "be __ and be __" that much I gather. I can't tell if he's speaking Engrish here or not. If anyone's got a readable scan of his lyrics, please let me know and I'll fill it in, I'm sorry]

Note on "itte yoshi!" - This can translate to "you may go!" or "you're dismissed!" I like the sound of the latter better, which is why I chose that for the third song's translation. But since "You May Go" is the title to the first song, I translated it differently for that song only.